How to find your bangle size

To find your bangle size, cup your hand as if you are putting on a bangle and use a flexible measuring tape (or string) at the widest point as shown in the picture.

 Cupped hand for to measure for bangle size

Some tips to consider with bangle sizing:

  • We recommend selecting a bangle size that is larger than the measurement you take of your cupped hand. For example, if your cupped hand measures 8.25 inches you would select the size medium (8.5 inches in circumference).
  • If you like a tighter fit, you can size down if you’re within a quarter inch of the size. For example, if your cupped hand measures 8 inches you could select the size small (7.75 inches in circumference).
  • Bangle fit is personal! Some like bangles that are a tight fit and sit close to the wrist while others prefer more movement on their arm. If you opt for a tighter fit, we recommend taking your time when putting on and taking off bangles to avoid unintentional bending.

We know figuring out your bangle size can be difficult, so we offer free returns & exchanges if you don't get it right the first time!

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