About our materials

All our jewelry is made by hand in a small California studio using 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled or sterling silver.  

Gold filled (sometimes referred to as gold fill) is a thick layer of gold covering a base metal (in the case of our jewelry, brass). This layer of gold is 100x thicker than what you find with gold plated jewelry, meaning your jewelry will last many years (even decades!) without the gold chipping or wearing down.

You can wear your jewelry all the time and don’t have to worry about it tarnishing. That’s right: wash your hands, put on lotion, or go for a swim and wear your jewelry the whole time!

For any jewelry, residue will build up from regular wear (and sterling silver will eventually develop tarnish that can be easily removed), but you can quickly and easily polish your jewelry by hand. We love the Sunshine Polishing Cloth and it will keep your jewelry as beautiful as the day it was made.

We want you to love your jewelry! If for any reason you don't we offer free returns & exchanges.