One of our goals at Laurel Elaine Jewelry is to have a highly curated line of dainty and minimal pieces.

And because of that, you might have noticed that we don't release new products very often. I love playing with metal and creating new designs, but something has to be really special to have a permanent home in our line.  

These days bangles are our best sellers (and my favorite to make!), but it wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t even have them in our shop.

Nearly 5 years ago I made my first set of bangles. They were difficult to solder, the shape wasn’t right, and I couldn’t figure out sizing. I put those bangles in a drawer and didn’t think of them for years.

Then a close friend reached out looking for a bangle to celebrate her sister’s milestone birthday. We thought through designs elements like weight, shape, fit, finish, and clasp. It meant so much to me to be a small part of this special moment and celebration and I loved what we came up with!

Through that process (and a lot more trial and error), I learned so much about making bangles. I continued to test out different elements and refine the design until I landed on the styles what we have today.

We’re even working on a new twist on our classic bangle style that we can’t wait to share with you!  

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